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The connections we create with animals are special and deserve celebration

"I started painting to express my love and appreciation for my animals.

I wanted to capture my pets, their expressions, and their personalities"

A painting that captures your pet’s essence, spirit, and personality


About the Artist

Caitlin is from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, and studied art with the Milan Art Institute. She has been creating art and drawing animals all her life. She started to paint portraits of her own pets and fell in love with the process of capturing the essence and personality of the animals in acrylics and oils on canvas.

Her artwork welcomes viewers to form deeper connections and the ability to emotionally understand animals. Her artwork is often inspired by metaphysics and the supernatural. She is also often inspired by her Gitxsan background and traditional Indigenous practices involving connection and empathy towards nature and animals. 

Her paintings can be described as whimsical with ethereal elements.

Caitlin expresses love, authenticity, harmony, and empathy through her brushstrokes.


“ I hope my art inspires people to consider the unity and

oneness of ourselves, the earth, and all living creatures.

I want to bring more love and empathy into the world ”   

Her lifelong love and compassion for animals is infused in all that she does. She also works as a trainer and behaviourist with cats and dogs. She uses positive reinforcement, relationship-building, and reward-based methods in addition to energy healing and intuitive animal communication. She lives with her two dogs Penny and Millie, three cats Sugar, Zorro, and Tron, two rabbits, and a variety of reptiles.  

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