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491 pages

Digital option will be a .pdf file that you will receive by email (allow up to 48 hours for delivery)

The hardcopy option book will arrive at your mailing address in 2 - 4 weeks (shipping is included in the price)

Take a manifestation journey with your pet! ​Live in alignment with nature's natural cycles and develop a magical bond with your familiar while manifesting your deepest desires.


Follow the activities and rituals in this Calendar from January 2024 to December 2024 to use the energy of the moon and the seasons to set intentions, release limiting blocks, and work with your familiar at the most powerful and optimum times.


Co-create with your Familiar and the Universe. Learn how to tap into your familiar's energy and assistance so that the two of you can co-create and manifest your deepest desires. Perform rituals and set intentions around the changing seasons and the phases of the moon with the support and assistance of your Familiar.


Living with Familiars is a 2024 tarot calendar and journal that uses, the wheel of the year, lunar phases, astrology, ayurveda, tarot, manifestation tools, rituals to do with your familiar or spirit animals, and energy management (chakra alignment, meditation & visualization) to manifest your dream life and form a magical bond with your pet.


Seasonal and Elemental-inspired artwork featuring Dogs and Cats creates a beautiful and colorful book with lots of empty space to journal, plan, track & and add your own photos



-Time Zones: The times and dates in the Calendar are in PST and written for the Western Hemisphere.

-Refunds and Returns: Since this is an Ebook, refunds and returns are not accepted.

-Are you a beginner or new to the tools and concepts embedded within the Calendar? No problem! Follow the simple instructions and prompts throughout the Calendar. No additional knowledge is required.

-What is a Familiar? A familiar is an animal that a witch feels a strong connection with. That animal will assist the witch in any way possible. I believe that our pets are always trying to help us. They try to help us regulate our emotions, balance our energy, be mindful and present, focus on gratitude, let us give and receive love, and are always trying to communicate with us. Animals are very spiritual and connected to their intuition and they can help us do the same.

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Living with Familiars Calendar Journal

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